WP Maintenance Plans

24/7 WordPress Website Maintenance

If you have a WordPress website it is important that you keep it up to date and always maintain a regular backup. But updating can sometimes break your site, what do you do then?

With over 10 years experience building and maintaining WordPress websites, Newport Digital has got your back!

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Wordpress Updates

We update your WordPress software as new versions are released. Giving you new features and improved security.

Website Backups

Backup of all your website files and your WordPress database. Stored safely on our secure cloud servers.

Monthly Reports

All activities are sent in a monthly report so you can see what is happening behind the scenes.

Virus/Malware Scanning

Scan your website for malicious software called Malware that will look for vulnerabilities and exploit them.

Performance scanning

Scan and test to see how fast your website is loading. A critical factor for site popularity.

Uptime monitoring

We watch your website 24/7 and if your site stops working we know about it straight away and can fix it. 

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