The random fun of Lorem Ipsum Generators

by Aug 10, 2018

As a builder of websites and creator of online media, I often find myself requiring placeholder text for my mockups. The industry standard that is used in typesetting and has been for many centuries is called Lorem Ipsum; in fact, it can be dated back to an ancient text The Extremes of Good and Evil by Cicero.

But it is boring! Everyone uses it, and its use is over four centuries old. Thankfully, some talented and creative people on the web have decided to give Lorem Ipsum an update. I use some of these updated Ipsum Generators in my day-to-day design work and thought it would be fun to share some with you for your creative projects, or just when you need to fill a page with words but have nothing to say.

So below are links to some of my fave Ipsum Generators, with included random-generated text for you to have a taste of what the Ipsum Generators can do.

Coffee Ipsum

Chicory french press filter sweet lungo carajillo trifecta pumpkin spice half and half. Sugar espresso, id extra con panna sugar filter. Robust sweet, iced variety acerbic caffeine mocha galão. Cappuccino seasonal viennese flavour siphon irish et breve cup robust half and half coffee. Iced, qui strong, grinder, caramelization trifecta cultivar .

Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet cupcake sweet roll. Lollipop cake marshmallow fruitcake fruitcake jelly donut marshmallow. I love lemon drops toffee wafer chupa chups bear claw biscuit. I love carrot cake croissant caramels. Gummies macaroon donut cake caramels donut I love. Sweet tart tootsie roll gummies bear claw marzipan.

Pirate Ipsum

Run a shot across the bow hail-shot Shiver me timbers Jolly Roger fathom gaff bilge scourge of the seven seas list grapple. Swing the lead cackle fruit ye hearties marooned sutler crimp coffer warp spanker. Haul wind Davy Jones’ Locker dead men tell no tales nipperkin grog blossom mutiny gun scuppers transom shrouds.


Drive benchmarking and try to disrupt the balance. Generate outside the box thinking to surprise and delight. Funnel responsive websites to in turn go viral. Targeting stakeholder management and above all, be CMSable. Generating scrum masters yet create actionable insights. Demonstrate analytics yet be transparent. Repurposing core competencies but further your reach.

Social Good Ipsum

Then sustainable transparent blended value social entrepreneur game-changer. Sustainable mass incarceration design thinking her body her rights paradigm framework. Preliminary thinking benefit corporation, deep dive inspire co-creation. Framework mass incarceration fairness the resistance social.

The Godfather Ipsum

Godfather ipsum dolor sit amet.  My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator.  The hotel, the casino. The Corleone Family wants to buy you out. I am sorry. What happened to your father was business. I have much respect for your father.  Now let’s work through where we go from here.

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