Terms & Conditions

1. It will be your responsibility to provide our designers with all the information they need to complete your project. This includes log in information, copy, text, pictures, etc.

2.Large projects and maintenance will be billed once a month in advance.

3. On smaller projects payment will be required upon signing of the proposal.
3a. All deposits are non-refundable

4. We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and electronic funds transfer, Please note an Administration charge of 2% may apply to PayPal, Visa and Mastercard payments.

5. If your credit card is rejected, your work will be removed from the Internet.

6. You MUST establish ONE point of contact! This is the only person from your company that will work directly with Newport Digital. This is very important. Having more than one POC can lead to confusion and extra development time!

7. You will be notified by E-mail when an update is completed.

8. We prefer E-mail communication in order to have a hard copy of design/work discussions. We realize that this may not always be appropriate and will schedule meetings as needed. You can always call in an emergency situation.

9. You will be billed hourly for phone correspondences after the first hour. We are consultants and our time is valuable – just like yours. E-mail correspondence is free.

10. When you send us E-mail, please use the subject WISELY! Please indicate the topic of the E-mail with the subject line. DON’T LEAVE THIS BLANK.

11. For hourly priced work and maintenance you will be billed by the minute with a 15-minute minimum.

12. If work is added to the original signed proposal, development time & associated costs will increase.

13. You are responsible for your content, copy, and text. You can hire our copywriter if needed.

14. We are not typists. Please send ALL of your content in such a manner that we can cut and paste it into your Web page. You can do this by directly typing into an E-mail or sending a .txt file as an attachment. Doing this speeds up the design process and helps eliminate typos and mistakes.

15. Newport Digital employees are available by E-mail 24 hours a day and via phone by appointment 08 8121 8025. Please leave a message with Reception for a call back. You can ALWAYS call if there is an emergency.

16. If you are not timely in correspondence or delivering materials, this will cause your project to be delayed, as we take on new clients daily.