Wayne van Elsen

Online Business Developer

Wayne van Elsen

Wayne van Elsen

Founder at Newport Digital

Thinker. Creator. Unapologetic internet geek. Coffee enthusiast. Entrepreneur. Falls down a lot. But gets back up.
Wayne van Elsen is an experienced entrepreneur, online business coach and Wordpress wizard.

Find out more about Wayne

Wayne van Elsen is the owner of Newport Digital, a Web hosting and Development business located in Port  Adelaide South Australia. He has ten years experience in hosting and web development and twenty two years experience in Small Business Management, Administration and Graphic Design.

Wayne is currently an experienced web developer and business consultant. Working in his own award winning business, Newport Digital. He has run workshops and coached one on one for more than 200 businesses, helping each business achieve online. He has, to date,  personally completed over 120 website builds.

Wayne's Recent Projects

Apart from building the Newport Digital publishing platform Wayne has recently completed or is currently working on these projects.